Aero Master Corp is the company who takes a key role in avionic and related software development in Korea.
Our main products are Flight Data Recording Systems, Subsystem Control Units and various Ground Stations in hardware field and ASIP(aircraft structure integrity program), aircraft engine maintenance management program, onboard OFPs(operational flight programs) and etc in software field.
1. ASIP Software - SLM2000, KUVAS and ESLM for KT-1,DPS for T-50
2. MISHAP Software - MDAS for T-50, CFDAS for KT-1
3. Engine Maintenance Program - IEMMS for T-50
4. Onboard OFPs - IUFC OFP for T-50 Mission Computer
5. Design & Analysis Software - KTSAP, KTFAP
6. Other Application Software
1. Flight Data Recording System - EFDR, DAPU for KT-1, DTS for Helicopter
2. Control Unit - Helicopter Cargo Hook Control Unit
3. Ground Stations - UAV Ground Control Station, Mission Computer Test Station, OFP Test Center, various LRU
     bench testers.